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Tree trimming is essential to tree maintenance, but it is also one of the most neglected services. In some cases, tree trimming is done, but in an incorrect manner, which is not beneficial to the tree, and to the homeowner as well. Routine trimming and pruning encourage growth and enhance the appearance of the tree. Trimming ensures that the tree has the right structure and overgrowing is prevented. Trimming is not just your typical cutting of branches and limbs because there is a proper way to do it. If trimming is not done correctly, it will affect the overall health and appearance of the tree. It can cause damage that can no longer be resolved even by a tree expert. It is essential that trimming is performed by a certified tree professional who has enough knowledge about trimming and the correct practices it entails.

The process should always be done beginning from the top down. We are well aware that a lot of homeowners don’t have the right equipment to complete the job that is why we urge you to give us a call whenever you need expert help with tree trimming. At Stonewall Tree Service, we follow the guidelines set forth by TCIA and ISA:

  • Cut only ¼ or less of the crown each year.
  • Keep the side branches to 1/3 the circumference of the primary trunk.
  • Never top a tree because it can cause permanent damage to your tree’s health.
  • Cut side limbs to 1/3 segments of the tree’s trunk.

Tree Trimmers Fayetteville, AR

If you are looking for a local tree trimming service and affordable tree cutting service, it is ideal to do it while it is young because it would be easier to manage for an average homeowner. Consider the following tips when trimming your tree:

  • Preserve the healthiest limbs and trim around them to encourage continued healthy growth.
  • When trees are regularly trimmed, there is no need to make large cuts. In case a larger cut is necessary, do it over several trimming seasons.
  • Always use well-maintained trimmers or saws. Dull equipment can make poor cuts that expose trees to insects and infestations.
  • Use a pole pruning saw or trimmer. Utilizing them will allow you to reach higher limbs and keep you safe while you do the job from the ground.

    • Never penetrate the collar or cut right up against the trunk. Doing this will make the tree vulnerable to diseases and insect infestation.

    When the tree you wish to trim is large and difficult for you to handle, calling a professional tree cutting business is the smartest and safest way to do it. Stonewall Tree Service Fayetteville has the necessary tools that will enable us to handle all types and sizes of trees.

    • We have the necessary license and insurance needed for a secured trimming process.
    • We know the art and science of tree pruning and trimming and focus on the health and appearance of your tree.
    • We have experienced and professional staff who are carefully selected by our HR.
    • We own the best equipment in the market to ensure safe and efficient tree trimming.
    • We are ISA certified and insured, offering you assurance in the quality of our service and the protection of your property against damage.

    For cheap tree trimming, rely on local tree trimmers like Stonewall Tree Service Fayetteville, one of the reputable local tree trimming companies in the area.


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