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Stump Removal Fayetteville, AR

After you have removed a tree in your yard, a tree stump will be left for you to deal with. For large commercial properties requiring foundational work, total stump removal is ideal. However, this can cause damage to the ground and the surrounding areas. Most of our residential clients prefer the less-damaging way which is stump grinding. Stumps are unsightly and can become a nuisance in the long run. It can decay, rot, and become home to pests such as termites and ants. Further, they can be hazardous when someone trips over them. Free your yard of unwanted stumps and maximize the use of your precious landscape. Stonewall Tree Service will rid your yard of the stump using our premier stump grinder. We can provide you with a free onsite estimate for our stump grinding service. Rest assured that our service is high-quality, yet at an affordable price.

Our team of experienced tree service professionals will use our top-notch grinding machine to efficiently and effectively grind the stump to the ground. We will continue milling the stump until it is no longer visible from grade level. Once the appearance of the stump is eliminated, we can replant or reseal the area over the stump and restore its old glory. Stump grinding is naturally a messy job. Expect a heap of wood chips scattered in your yard once stump grinding is done. We can haul these chips away, or we can turn them into something else like mulch or compost. When we leave, your property will be free from the stump and all the dirt caused by the grinder stump removal process.

Stump Grinding Fayetteville, AR

Our clients can receive special discounted pricing when they purchase our tree removal service along with stump removal. But even if we didn’t do your tree removal, we can still offer you competitive pricing for stump grinding. Call us today, and we will provide you with a fast and free estimate on our stump grinding process. When coming to your property, we will assess the stump to be ground and offer you a verbal quote, followed by a written quote, sent through an email. Included in the quote will be all the necessary information about the service to be performed, along with our licensing and insurance documentation. When looking for a stump grinding company to perform stump grinding in your yard, consider the following guidelines to help you make a sound decision:

  • Is the tree company insured and licensed and does it adhere to the strict methods and practices set by TCIA and ISA?
  • Do they own premier stump grinding equipment for efficient and safe stump grinding?
  • Are they able to provide fast and free onsite verbal quotes and a written estimate?
  • Do they take all necessary precautions to prevent potential damage to your property? Do they take care of the mess the stump grinding caused?
  • Can they provide references that you can ask for? Do they have good online reviews from various review platforms?

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